1-Cancellation Policy
All cancellations are handled via  email. If  cancellation is notified via email within 5 days after your payment was processed, you will be refunded 85% of the total guide fees. There is no refund for cancellation notified passed  5 days after your payment is processed. Nevertheless, and depending on availability,  LAB will gladly re-schedule your reservation within the next 12 months.

Within 24 hrs after receiving your cancellation notice, you will be emailed a cancellation confirmation. Refund of the Guide Fees will be processed within 7 days.

In the case of our Mini-tours, the refund of Hotel fees  will comply with each hotel cancellation policy or as specified by the online booking company used for the transaction.

Force Majeure*: Only Los Angeles Bikers may decide to cancel a ride in case of a major natural event (earthquake or major storm) that would prevent Los Angeles Bikers to put together any safe itinerary within the 5 counties.  If LAB decides to cancel a ride, the ride will be re-scheduled at a convenient date for our customer.

*Unforeseeable circumstances that prevent someone from fulfilling a contract.

2-Ride booking, organization and price policy
Packaged rides  may be locked  at least 5 days before the first day of the ride. Custom ride booking requires a maximum response time and payment of 72 hrs in order to be scheduled. As a general rule we are  currently limiting the number of bikes per ride to 6  (+ 1 for the guide), in order to guarantee a certain maneuverability to the group. If you create your own group and require more bikes, you  need to get in touch with us ahead of time via our contact us form. Our guide price vary based on the number of days and bikes.  See our current Guide rates page.

3-Motorcycle Rental Minimum Requirements
• 21 years of age or older
• 3 years riding experience on a same size motorcycle (negotiable)
• Valid motorcycle license (must be presented at time of pick-up)
• $2,000 damage deposit on a major credit card

4-Ride organization
LAB organizes two main types of rides: rides that are about 150 miles  long and rides that are anywhere from 200 and more.
Start time is 10:00 am for the shorter rides and 9:00 am for the longer ones.
Return time is not fixed as it may vary based on the pace, traffic, the number of stops  including lunch time and whatever may come in the way of the group including having a good time  at a particular spot.
Return of your motorcycle rental must be processed before 5PM on the last day of the rental and your guide will make sure to get you to the rental department on time, providing there was no unpredictable event that caused the group to slow down and be late.

5-Taxes & Payment
All motorcycle rentals are subject to a local 9% State Vehicle Rental Tax.
Motel nights are subject to a local tax of 15%.
Reservation fees (Guide fee, motorcycle rental and hotel nights if any) are due in full at the time of the reservation (w/online booking application) or within 48 hrs after reception of your Paypal invoice via email.

6-Customer Agreement
This agreement must be signed on or before the start of the first ride. No customer will be allowed on the tour without having signed and returned his Customer Agreement. The Customer Agreement states the dos and donts that apply to any law abiding rider in California and is meant to make everyone aware of his/her obligation as a mature rider.

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