L.A. Bikers has the most attractive guided motorcycle 1-day rides & tours in all SoCal!

  • Will you be on your own in the L.A. area for a few days?
  • Or will you be on a business trip and you will have some free time?
  • Traveling with a friend  or spouse?

 1-day rides: 2015 -2016 Promo rates
The best deals for up to 8 riders! Pick your guide and bike for 2 days and up to 8 days. These rides take you from L.A and back on the same day.

For those who want to spend a few nights out, we now offer several tours  in three different areas around Los Angeles PLUS the Highway 1  seven day tour.

1 day VIP RIDE
VIP price for that one special day!

If you are interested in organizing a motorcycle group ride with friends or family, for that one special occasion, like a milestone birthday or anniversary… 1 day ride from and to L.A.


With Los Angeles Bikers Motorcycle Guided Tours you can discover new horizons without the worry of finding your own way, or without missing out on what is there for you to see! Twisty canyon rides, a hidden river or lake, a picturesque village, wide open ranches , Spanish Mission or just plain open roads all around. With Los Angeles Bikers Motorcycle Guided Tours you can rely on your personal guide to lead you on a magnificent tour of this great and diverse region: Southern California.

Starting in the urban city of Pasadena, which is a centrally located hub to many outdoor activities and rides, your guide will introduce you to all four directions: Go West! Go East! Go North! Go South!  From here in Pasadena you can connect to the entire Southern California region in no time at all. After cruising from anywhere from 5 to 40 minutes, on a wide-open freeway, you will suddenly be in the countryside, by the sea or cruising up the mountains while overlooking the expansive valleys.

Let us know what you have in mind. We can help plan your ride with what you want to experience!

We’ll do what it takes, as long as you come ride with us!

The LAB Team.

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