The Malibu Classic and May Gray in L.A.
Daniel and Jeannette live in Dresden, Germany. They came to the US 4 weeks ago for an extended celebration of Jeannette B-day, rented an RV and went touring the South western states. For their last day before take off, they booked LAB and dropped the big RV for a big Harley-Davidson. Daniel is a happy fellow and a seasoned rider (he rides a GS and a Bolt at home). The weather was not the best to say the least but we got lucky: as we started cruising along the Ocean the clouds were being pushed to the north clearing the entire coast all the way to Point Mugu and beyond. So quick change of plan, instead of going canyon carving right away, we kept cruising on! This is one of these rare days -at least in SoCal- were you ride under a perfect blue sky, through moving fog, then under an overwhelming lead sky. Not one drop of rain though.
LAX to Santa Monica via Marina del Rey and Venice. PCH to Point Mugu, Potrero road. Westlake Blvd/south23 to Mulholland hwy and Encinal. Lunch at la Cantina. PCH, Las Flores, Rambla Pacifico, Shueren and Stunt road to Mulholland Hwy. Old Topanga Canyon to Topanga and back on PCH, Ocean BLVD, Venice…to EagleRider before 5pm. Mission accomplished.
See you again. Auf Wiedersehen guys!

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