Enjoying the ride all year round

Bruno Rony, founder of Los Angeles Bikers LLC and fellow guides Pierre Jues and Armen Gasparian have been carving back roads throughout SoCal for many years.

As regular of biker’s places such as Angeles Crest Highway and Newcomb’s Ranch, as members of varied motorcycle fan groups, svriders.com and Triumphrat.net to name a few, they have experienced first hand the fun of group riding on the fantastic playground that is available a half hour away from downtown L.A.

Summer after summer they have taken every opportunity to discover new places, new rides, new loops, alone or with other passionate bikers. They also have introduced visiting friends to the joy of riding all kinds of motorcycles on this side of the world.

A few summers ago, good friends who couldn’t believe there was so much to see outside Los Angeles told them to get their “stuff” together and start organizing guided motorcycle tours.

These good friends were so enthusiastic that Los Angeles Bikers LLC  was  born after the summer of 2014 and is now offering you the best of SoCal:  a selection of daily rides that bear the footprints of regional geography, history and the diverse culture that tie all things together.

We sincerely hope that many of you will come from all around the world to spend a few days in L.A. and  give the LAB crew the opportunity to show you around this great piece of land that was built over the past  centuries  by scores of Hispanics, European, African and Asian folks…Sunny Southern California awaits you guys! Come on over:-)

Little Tujunga
Bruno Rony
Pierre Jues
Armen Gasparian
Armen Gasparian
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