Little Tujunga to Lake Hughes

Country and Western are the perfect words to best describe this ride that will take you  from the 210 Fwy West at Osborne street to Santa Clarita,  north of the San Gabriel Mountains and the Angeles National Forest to Lake Castaic. This is another favorite of Angelino bikers who wont miss a week-end to take advantage of the great outdoors surrounding L.A.

This is a  road that twists through ranches, climbs up mountain passes, then  flats out the high desert where Sand Canyon and Soledad Canyon  cross roads in Santa Clarita to be precise. Gas up there if need be then back on the saddle for the second part of this 3 part ride: bouquet and Spunky Canyons, and a stop in the small town of Green Valley . Enough said, it’s all about discovering and being a bit adventurous.

Finally a  real American meal at the Rock Inn in Lake Hughes. Digest out in the patio, relax and when you are ready, there is 20 mile long Lake Hughes Road,  twisting down to Lake Castaic. A true reward.

Duration: bet. 6-8 hrs  (including commute +stops and lunch)

Mileage:  ab. 250

Itinerary summary:

Little Tujunga
Sand Canyon
Rock Inn
Lake Castaic

Availability: year round

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