Made in the USA –  Harley rental Los Angeles

We expect most of you guys to be  interested in trying the local motorcycle production, right? Though Milwaukee-Wisconsin is not exactly Los Angeles-California, Harley-Davidson bikes are certainly at home here on our turf, freeways, highways and back roads. The way H-D revived their name and line is astonishing and proud owners of H-D have been multiplying like…well you get the picture!

Not only Harley is the epitome of the American vision of  motorcycle riding but they actually are perfect for cruising around nicely and comfortably within legal speed limits which is exactly what we intend to do, your safety and our insurance policy mandating. So, whether you feel like a good or bad boy or girl, we know our selection of Harley-Davidson motorcycles will give you the slice of the dream you are willing to pay for.

LAB is partnering with one of the most reputable dealerships  in the region. Laidlaw’s is a big and exciting place to visit  for H-D fans. Their Harley Davidson rental department is also one of the most reliable ones and Silvio Delgadillo a very helpful and trustworthy gentleman.
Partnering with Laidlaw’s  is allowing us to offer you a full service thus saving you time. We expect you to be 100% satisfied and our  Harley Davidson rental  partner has been selected  with your satisfaction in mind. Laidlaw’s is undoubtedly the best  dealership and Harley rental shop in Southern California!

Your other options

Of course you may already have your own bike, or you may want to rent a different brand of bike or rent a H-D from some dealership closer to you…You do have options and should feel free to  do it your way. No worries…as long as you come ride with us:-) Click here for more