California mission motorcycle tour

San Fernando, San Buenaventura y Santa Barbara

210 Fwy west off of Pasadena. First stop at the San Fernando Mission, the 17th Mission to be founded in 1797 to fill a Gap between the San Gabriel Mission and Mission San Buenaventura…in Ventura, the first beach town that we reach after riding the heights of Simi Valley to Moorpark, Filmore, and through the agricultural fields of Santa Paula.

 Second stop at the San Buenaventura Mission the 9th and last mission founded by  soon to be sanctified fra Junipero Serra, the first Franciscan  leader of the Alta California missions.

Pacific Coast Highway, the one road that we never get enough off, will take us to Santa Barbara for a third stop at the  Santa Barbara mission, the 10th to be founded in 1782. Santa Barbara is a university town (UCSB) situated in a very luxurious spot between ocean and hills. The SB Museum of Art is a small LACMA and a very fine one too. In the skies of SB, paragliders are often seen hovering over the cliffs and  over Ventura and PCH Fwys,  so watch out for those crazy birds!

Duration: 6-8 hrs (including various stops)

Mileage: ab. 200

Itinerary Summary:

San Fernando Mission
Santa Barbara

Availability: year round

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