Azusa Canyon, Glendora Mountain Road & Mount Baldy

Azusa Canyon aka Azusa 39 starts off of the 210 Fwy and winds through a wide and high canyon road in very good condition. Nearly all the way to Crystal Lake Village and campground. Sweepers after sweepers, it is a nice and safe enough playground for week-end warriors of all kinds. Past the East Fork and several off-road trail roads, SUV and OHV camps, the road starts gently climbing until it reaches Crystal Lake Campground. There is not much about the small man made lake itself, but the view is astounding all the way up there. A small trading post provides most of what we need including some very decent hot plates and cold drinks.

On the way down, the East Fork rides along a river bed  where locals come and camp, fish, bath or just hang out. Barack Obama in 2014 made this whole area a National Park which will provide extra funding for the Forest Services who work so hard to keep mother nature clean… Past Camp Williams and the popular camping area we make a sharp right turn to start twisting on Glendora Mountain Road, a  twisty road that connects this side of the mountain to the Pride of the Foothills, Glendora (founded 1911).

When we get to a crossroad nicknamed the Saddle, we find ourselves on Mount Baldy Ridge, a wide open ridge overseeing the L.A.Basin on one side, the next mountain range of the SGM on the other side. This road is spectacular, sunny and shady, providing  scenic views all along. Mt Baldy village is a very secluded community who keeps fighting the big telcos ( ATT, Verizon and the likes)  to prevent them from installing cellular antennas. So no smartphones!

Once there we usually ride back to the Saddle and down on GMR to Glendora. Maybe a bit tired but very much satisfied.

San Gabriel Mountains motorcycle tour – Ride #1

Duration: bet. 4- 6 hours+ (including multiple stops)

Mileage: ab.110 miles/ 220 km

Itinerary Summary

Azuza Canyon Rd  (39 Hwy)
Crystal Lake
Mt Baldy Ridge

Availability: year round

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