Our tours are different from the usual group tours offered by the likes of Eagle Riders, Motoquest…etc


  • they are short tours within the great State of California: from 2 to 7 days
  • they start and end  in Los Angeles
  • the number of days and the itinerary are customizable to meet your expectations ( as long as said expectations are compatible with a 6-8 hours in the saddle!)
  • no pre-set schedule: availability is open throughout the year.
  • your own private group or no group: just you, you and your friends, you and your spouse and your guide


  • total guide fee per day is $500 and it includes the following:
    • basic fee : $300/day
    • 1 time convenience fee: $40 ( pickup & drop off at the location of your choosing)
    • Per diem (including  motel/1 meal): $160
  • total cost may vary based on final accommodation charges


We love Southern  California. This is where we live and we’ve been riding them roads for years. We love sharing some riding time with you just like we usually do here: from L.A and back, in 1 day.

But whenever we can, we also love to take off for a few days  and give ourselves more time to ride, see places, visit small towns…log more miles, have more fun & make more discoveries.

So here we are now, offering you a few selective CUSTOMISABLE mini-tours, 3 nights out and 4 days on the road. We take you in all directions around L.A because whether you go South, North East or West of LA, all the way to the Mexican border, or along the Central coast, you will  share one of the best motorcycle playground the world has to offer.

And it’s a safe and friendly place which helps make it all the more enjoyable.

We also had to add  a longer tour along a world famous road, the Coastal road that goes from LA. to San Francisco, the Highway 1. But we like to do it our way, wandering on and off, and take more time to give you the fullest experience of the coastal scenery and life.

See you soon!

California Missions I


California Missions II


Highway One to San Francisco

California Highway 1, www.losangelesbikers.com Motorcycle guided tours

Ghost towns & Death Valley


Lake Isabella & Sequoia National Forest


Joshua Tree & Borrego Springs

Joshua Tree 2

Solvang & San Luis Obispo