Viking Mini Expandable Black

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Overall impression: quite good indeed!

Having had similar saddlebags from other reputable brands, I can say that  these Viking Mini Expandable Saddle Bags definitely match the competition and at better price! Inside and out, they are made with strong material that will last. I particularly like the fact that the  side of the bag that goes against the bike is not made of some kind of foam but a rugged leather-like piece that will resist any continuous contact with motorcycle parts and will retain its shape.

The overall shape and design is quite in the styling norm for this type of saddlebag and it is a stylish addition to any sports bike or standard bike. It will carry enough stuff for the day and because each bag is expandable, they are even roomy enough to contain some of the stuff you’d need for a spring/summer week-end getaway (small toiletry bag, xtra pants, t-shirt & sneakers, as well as the usual water bottle, sandwich, tool bag and a tire repair kit.


-Definitely the quality of construction and materials
-Price –>Currently sell for $59.99!
-Easy to set up
-External flat pouch for phone, wallet…etc.
-Rain covers
-Extra buckles to connect a top bag


-The ribbon (it holds together the 2 zippers that close the top of the bag) is too flimsy and should be replaced with something that will not untie ( shoe lace, leather string…etc.)
-A high viz line to highlight the back of the bags would be a good addition

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