Los Angeles Bikers and your guide cannot be held responsible in the case of an accident involving one or more riders.

And this is why:

  • Just like at home,  every rider is fully responsible for his/her ride, his/her safety and that of his/her passenger.
  • Every rider should maneuver his/her motorcycle in the safest manner, defensively, be respectful of the road rules & showing common sense at all time.

In other words, you are in charge of your own safety, just like when you ride your own motorcycle at home! Reckless behavior will NOT be tolerated and will automatically put an end to the ride w/o any guide fee refund.

As far as Los Angeles bikers is concerned, we are committed to a safe and enjoyable ride, respectful of  public road rules (Speed limits, traffic lights, priorities…etc). Before the start of the  ride your guide will go over several recommendations with you  and will answer any question you may have regarding road rules in California.

Please read carefully the following waivers, download the one that correspond to your personal situation and bring it dated and signed on the day of the ride:

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