Riding motorcycle in California and other related tips 

Tip #1 Group riding.  the opus from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) on Group Riding.  It will  either refresh your memory or give you some valuable tips to properly and safely ride with a group. We, at LAB, follow this guidelines as strictly as possible. We use them as a methodology to organize and safely guide  group rides. We cant emphasize more on the value of this MSF  group ride paper:  help us, help the group, read it!

The tips below are provided for the sole purpose of  highlighting  issues of common sense and/or sending useful info your way: guidelines or just pieces of advice, online resources . You are free to take all appropriate measures to  get the most out of your group ride in SoCal.

TIP #2 Sunny Socal! Always check our local weather forecast (see the weather widget at the bottom of the page) a few days ahead of your ride. Local forecast is usually pretty accurate.
Our region  is known to be sunny and hot and dry from April to October…and even hotter than that at times! With close to 300 sunny to partly sunny days a year, you must be prepared to experience some very hot air when riding with us during that period of the year which covers Spring/Summer and early Autumn. What this means is that it is up to you to come up with the right gears specially during the hottest months: mesh jacket and pants, leather vest for those who are not afraid to scrape their elbows, flip-up helmet or a jet  for those who are not afraid to scrape their chin. And very  important:  water!! Either some kind of “camel back” or just the regular back pack with water bottles, energy bars, sun block…

TIP#3 About lane sharing. California is the only state where it is not illegal to ride between car lanes when traffic is slow. Unless everyone in the group feels comfortable doing so, we may stick to the good old group formation . This being said, if and when we all agree on lane sharing, then common sense recommend to do it only when car traffic is below 20 mph and/or set on stop and go, when we bikers may need to keep moving to produce some air. Los Angeles freeways being at time very congested, we may have to share lane with friendly or not so friendly “cagers. Lane sharing requires focus, prudence and patience as well as swift decision making. When lane splitting do not hesitate to turn on your brights at all time and to make use of those loud Screamin’ Eagle pipes. Be seen and heard is key!!

TIP#4 Shuttle your way.  From the airport to your hotel and vice versa for a very cost effective fee using  one of the two  most popular shuttle services in L.A.:
Super shuttle  aka the blue shuttle
Prime time shuttle aka the red shuttle

Tip #5 L.A.B  pick up/drop off

Ask us to pick you up and /or drop you off. There is a $40 charge per trip. Cheaper than a taxi!

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