Guide Fees

From 1 to 8 Motorcycles max. For more contact us

Rider  with or without  your  passenger 

Company fee: $240.
Applicable whether you book our guide for just a few hours or for a full day
(8 to 10 hours).

Ride as a Passenger  with one of our guides 
Company fee: $200
Per Diem: $40
Motorcycle: $80

Mini-tour guide fee refer to this page and /or select your tour from the top menu

Motorcycle rental

For information only. See with rental shops for more


We are not in the business of renting motorcycles. But we try to help!

Most rental shops  will charge an average $149 + 9% CA tax for a big v-Twin Harley-Davidson.

Prices vary based on the number of days.

There are mainly 5 motorcycle rental agencies in L.A.
You can either call the contact person provided or use their online application ( recommended)  to make your reservation
If you are going to ride with one of our guides, and  you need some help picking up the right bike, let us know  we can certainly help!

Lodging In Pasadena


$100 per night (room for two – one or two king or Queen beds available ) + 15% CA tax.

Pasadena is a very interesting town:  diverse, young, artsy  with a very lively downtown  shopping/dining area, a couple of great Museums:  the Huntington Library and the Norton Simon Museum, and on the first Sunday of every month,  a  huge flea market

The Saga Motor Hotel is situated across from the  classy buildings of the Pasadena City College, also renown for his huge fee market on the first Sunday of the month.

Gas & food


These two costs are never included

It is safe to say that  a couple of full tanks will be used on those 1-day rides. Prices may vary.

As for food, depending on you the riders, we can grab a quick bite or seat down for a more formal meal.

Do not forget to spare some time to read the MSF Group riding guide which will provide you with valuable tips on how to ride best in particular on California freeways. Your guide will emphasize a few basic rules in order to keep the group together at all time and to make it safely to the back roads where the group ride may become more loose. even though you are 100% responsible for driving responsibly, your safety is our concern and we do our best to inform you ahead of time. Better safe and informed than sorry!