Our tours are different from the usual group tours offered by the likes of Eagle Riders, Motoquest…etc


-they are short tours: between 3 and 6 days

-They start and end  in L.A.

-they are customizable to meet your expectations

no pre-set schedule: availability is open throughout the year. Where and when can you ride and how many days, it is up to you and us to discuss

your own group or no group: just you and our guide

no big group, you and your wife, your sons & daughters or your friends  (5-6 bikes max). Your call!


total cost will vary based on accommodation and food
-with your budget in mind we will take care of your accommodation
-start and end point is based on the tour destination (Are we going North, South, East, West..you get the idea)
-we travel light, the bike is your horse and will carry all your belongings ++


Guide fee: $550 per day
Other estimated out of pocket expenses
Harley Big V-Twin: $149 /day + tax and insurance
Motel: bet. $100-120 ( In this price range we shoot for a decent, clean, simple motel to experience the real thing. No frills! Price may be adjusted depending on the season)
Gas: ab. $20 per day
Food: from $30 per day

Contact Us

We're probably on the road right now. Please send email us and we'll get back to you asap.

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