Went to Los Angeles for over a week and decided to dedicate one day to riding. I have never been in the area before so I wanted a guide for sure in order not to deal with navigating, planning a route and so on.

I organized everything with Bruno over email a few days before, he was very responsive and gave me suggestions also where to rent a bike, and asked me what type of a ride I prefer.

The day of the ride we met at the bike rental place, Bruno was on time and ready to go. He made sure I am comfortable with the bike I rented and showed me the route he prepared and asked if I would like to adjust it in any way or add something. I told him before I want to do a full day and that I want something scenic and typical for California. The route he had planned to Santa Barbara taking a lot of back roads with beautiful scenery looked great to me so we headed out.

Throughout the entire trip Bruno was making sure we were safe and I really appreciated that. He was always looking out for me, did not take any aggressive or dangerous maneuvers and made the ride extremely enjoyable and fun!!!

We spent about 9 hours riding (with a 30 minutes lunch break), saw some beautiful places and roads and truly enjoyed the day. I am extremely happy about the route because I got to ride the famous PCH but at the same time Bruno took me through some canyons and back roads that I would never be able to find by myself.

Overall I had a great experience, and I highly recommend going with Los Angeles Bikers! Bruno made my experience as good as it could get. Everything was easy, comfortable and safe! I would never be able to do so many miles in one day so comfortably if I had to navigate myself and deal with logistics/details. I was truly just concentrating and enjoying my ride!

Thank you again!

Marco Vicel 
Miami Beach, FL

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